Go For Gold welcomes, educates, and empowers every student-athlete to discover, evolve, lead, and serve. It is our mission to empower youth via opportunities stemming from, but not limited to, the sport of wrestling. We believe wholeheartedly that our sport(s) provides a healthy platform for intrinsic motivation, persistence, work ethic and perseverance to shine. We serve the community through the continual care for and development of goal oriented, results driven, student-athletes that can compete at the highest levels of education and sport.

Wrestling is often considered an individual venture, however our mission goes beyond the sport. Here, we provide an outlet and initiatory opportunity to what many consider a marginalized population. Therefore, we champion the cause for being more than a wrestling foundation…rather a family oriented collective intent on the pursuit of excellence, on and off the mat. 

As you well know, wrestling is a grueling sport in which the preparation is far more arduous than most would endure. We invite the challenges that come with equipping youth with character building experiences and teachable moments that are natural byproducts of competitive wrestling. Our organization is about more than cultivating recruit-able student-athletes; we’re about working hard for ones self, family, and community.